About Bo

Bo Ashi (Anders Johansson) is a illustrator and comics creator living and working in Malmö, Sweden. Born and raised in a small town just outside Gothenburg he moved down south to Malmö in order to study at the School of comics art. After two years of studies, Bo moved in to C'est Bon Kulturs studiospace in Kulturhuset Mazetti in central Malmö.

He then worked with graphic novelist, artist and illustrator Niklas Asker on the graphic novel "The city of Ember" for american publisher Random House.

Since spring 2011 he's also part of the C'est Bon Kultur crew and an editor of C'est Bon Anthology. 

For contact, please send a message to bo@boashi.com

Or get hold of Bo trough other social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and so on.