End of the "New Rebellion" and toward the "2nd Rebellion"

I've almost finished my sketchbook. Have no idea how it happened, but i suddenly realized i was drawing on like the ten final pages. It's one of these big black ones, with like a hundred pages or so (Im only using one side of the page though, since the ink goes trough the paper, im getting a better one for next time).

It's the first sketchbook i ever filled completely. I usually draw on a few pages or so before i put it away and forget it's existance, so im pretty proud of myself. it's not only drawings, it's filled with small notes and random text, storyboards for comics, small layout sketches, tests and everything i can think of. It's great to go trough all the pages and see my ideas and what i was thinking. Since im trying to have it with me wherever i go, it's almost as if im documenting my progress as i draw. You can see a thread going trough the first page over to the final ones im doing right now. When i got it, i named it "The New Rebellion" because it felt like i was doing something completly new.

Im looking forward to getting a new one and starting all over again on a fresh blank page.

Christmas is almost over in Landvetter. The snow is almost gone now, as soon as christmas eve was over, the snow turned to rain again. But it's okay, we had a great and white christmas so im thankful. It's a new year soon anyway, so we should be getting it all behind us for now and focusing on the future.

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