Still working on finishing the first short story comic set for release this monday January 25th. The title is Pure paranoid perfection, and you can see the preview of a poster i did here to the left.

All these stories are part of my prject called Sundown - nya skymningssagor, were i release one new comic for the web at the 25th every month until the end of april. They will then be collected and put together as a fanzine (selfmade magazine) and released at the SPX convention.

Pure Paranoid Perfection tells the story of a girl who can't stop thinking of all her made up misstakes and problems. It's based on reality.

In other news, the Gorillaz are back. My very, very favorite band release the first single from their third album next week, but it has already found it's way out to the internet. The band's reaction to this leak? Murdoc Niccals, frontman of the band: "If anyone's going to leak my single it'll be me! Listen to #Stylo on http://www.gorillaz.com !"

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