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I've started working on my next short story comic last week. The last one took me one week to finish off from scratch, which was great. But this is a lot trickier. It's about an rainman kind of record nerd. Soundtrack is Kid A by Radiohead. The melody and theme of that song is kind of what I'm trying to do with the comic. The album verison is great and the live verision is cool, but what really got me going was John Mayers' cover of it. Go check it out on Youtube, it's great!

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  1. Hi Bo,

    Thanks for your comic. Did Fredrik tell you about me? The email u had on it was wrong, so as asked him and he told me about this blog of yours.

    I like it in general. You use the common style of ' serious subject but slightly
    cartoony art', which is what people seem to like for this type of story. So that
    should work for you. its a nice line u have, quite warm. The title page idea is
    good, as is repeating it at the end. If you do a longer story, 100 pages + it
    would be a useful 'motif' to tie things together maybe.

    As to a detail consideration, just of the first page: it has a slightly
    'stilted' feeling. I mean does not flow very smoothly - perhaps that is
    deliberate? Sometimes stories can be made to give a 'jarring' feeling, but NOT
    making the connections smooth. and that can be good too, i think.

    for instance having the questions 'Ten? fifteen years?' after the first line
    interupts the flow. if you take those words out it would flow more smoothly.
    then if you took 'me and this girl...' and put it before, in panel 4 or 5 maybe
    it would have a smoother text pacing. but then you would need to re arrange the
    girl and eye close up panels to come AFTER this 'me and this girl' text.

    OR, have the girl/eye close up together on the left of page, and the 'me and
    this girl' text where the eye panel s now, and with some other small visual in
    that panel, like w wide sht of them approaching eachother.

    Either way i think the text of the letter being exchanged should not come in the
    same panel as the 'me and this girl' text. the info/art repeats each too much
    to be of use in the SAME panel. better to seperate, attach the 'me and this
    girl' text to some other art, and let the letter exchange close up stand by
    itself, with no words.

    Thats my ideas so far anyway....

    Best wishes,
    Sean Michael