What have you been doing, man?

I've been awfully quiet for a while now. I don't know if it's because I've had some kind of break, or if thingst just have been going pretty slow for the last weeks. My plan is too keep my updates a bit better. The last week have been possibly the hottest week ever in Sweden. I'm not a big fan of heat or sweating alot, so I'm just hoping fall will arrive early this year. I've spend many of these days hiding inside.

As I'm writing this though, massive grey clouds covered the sky outside the window. Would be nice with some rain.

These few weeks I've been drawing alot. Mostly stuff not related to comics at all. I have an idea for a new comic as well, but im still not sure how to make it work yet. I'm writing and rewriting and drawing, trying out a new papersize and inkingstyle. I'm very interested in using photoshop and a drawing tablet more as well. It's going to be short, that's for sure.

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