layout/script/rough/name time!

This is what I'm working on today. Woke up, realized I left my layout copies at school, so I got a refreshing bike ride in the cold streets of Malmö. The 24 hour comics had been going on at the school for 23 hours when i got there. At this point in the process, people who participate are pretty damn tired. They looked ok though, but I know at that point in the process their brains are melting. The 24 hour comic is a cool experience though, maybe I'll give it another shot some time.

At home I got to work on my layout/script/rough/name (Whatever you want to call it, I haven't decided yet). I have the story in small very rough thumbnails wich I get over to the bigger pages and clean them up a bit, maybe change a panel or two. This not only is a great way of processing the pages and story, but also makes it possible for anyone else then myself understand what the hell is going on.

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