Work in progress part one

The students who attend the second year at the school of comic art has reached the halfway point mark for their projects. Including me, we all had a short presentation of ourselves in order to reflect on our year so far and prepare for the upcoming presentation and examination in May. During my presentation i showed some of the comic pages and various work I've been working on so far. I also showed a sketch of a cover/ promotion material I've been working on for the last couple of days for my Nostalgia project. Maybe it's a bit stupid to show that kind of unfinished and "flawed" work like that during my presentation, but I felt I had to bring something I'm working on right now. I've now finished the sketch and decided to show the first part of my process of working on a illustration like this. 

First, I get the idea and jot down a small thumbnail of the image. Here, I used some kind of brush pen, but I tend to pick whatever I can find at my desk. 

Then I do a bigger sketch with more details and ideas for shading, text, layout and stuff. This is then made bigger and used as a underdrawing for the final sketch. 

The first, kind of rough draft of the pencil sketch i showed off at the presentation. The basic ideas are good, but the details need more work and tuning. Mechanical pencil, HB. 

The final draft of the pencil sketch. Much more pleased with how this came out.

Next week, I'm going to post part two of my "work in progress" including inking, coloring, and then the final piece. See you then!

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