Getting the second part started.

After finishing my story for Swedish Comic Sin Volume 2, Two possible contributions for C'est Bon Anthology, working on a Zombie story for Accent UK's upcoming Zombie2 Anthology and and a lot of other stuff, I finally got to sit down today and keep working on my graphic novel project Nostalgia. It went okay, feel a bit rusty for some reason. spent the first half of the project getting started drawing the first part of the story and finding the style and now I'm just going to draw the rest of the thing. I'm really excited for how it will turn out. My goal is to bring it or parts of it to the Small Press Expo in May. Looking forward to it!

And in other news, I'm now officially the newest member of C'est Bon Kultur! Really excited about it!  

Storyboards for Nostalgia 
Crappy-phone-camera-shot: Starting up.

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