New Projects and tools!

I've just finished writing what I think is the first real sketchy draft of the outline-script for my next comics project.  

The plan this time is to really spend time with it and make every stage of the process work before I rush ahead to the next one. If everything goes well, the idea is to get the story done and printed by next spring in time for all the festivals and happenings. I'll keep updating as time goes.

I'm not going to be working on it full time though, because I'll be working with Niklas Asker on the graphic novel The City of Ember for Random House books during the fall! Super exciting! 

In other news, the local artist-tools-shop is due for summer vacation so all artists are cleaning the shelves at the shop for the summer. Trying out some proper inking and sketching paper for once. 

Otherwise it's your standard Swedish summer over here, switching between grey and rainy and tropical heat. I'm SO bummed I didn't go with the plan of moving somewhere colder for the summer but I guess we'll be alright this year as well. 

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