Falling back in a new pair of old shoes

My new desk. Did not take me long to mess it up a bit. 

These past weeks has been a big kind of "back to work" weeks. I've been at the studio or at home working almost every weekday this past summer anyway, but this week really felt like everything is back on track. I took over Pia Johansson Goldmann's space at the C'est Bon Kultur studio which mean I got my own workspace I can work at when ever I want to! I just moved four meters but I still love to have my own place. It also feels like  much of the people at Seriecenter is back from summer vacation.

Niklas Asker has been busy finishing his new amazing exhibiton so I got a week of free time to use for working on my all ages comic. The usual name for the genre is "Childrens comic" but I like "All ages" better, It's not just for kids really, it's for everyone! More pictures from that coming soon. 

This week marks the new start of more work with The City of Ember! About 100 pages to go!

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