The Gothenburg bookfair is over and I'm back at my desk in Malmö. 

C'est Bon Kultur had a little celebration at the fair and showed off the new issue of C'est Bon Anthology (Volume 15: Motion picture)! It's the first issue I worked on so it feels a bit special. Also, I drew and designed a flyer for our 10 year celebration this fall!

Last week was spent on both finishing my all ages comic (I'll put some finished pages on the blog in time!), administration stuff and getting a little bit of work on my next comic project. And starting today we're back on track with the City of Ember coloring work!  

The flyer i made!

C'est Bon Anthology volume 15, cover by Dame Darcy.
Illustration I did for the magazine.

My short story "Dreams of a lifetime".

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