Busy, busy, BREAK.

Being stuck at the central station in Gothenburg a few days ago turned out to be a good break for some cafeteria-writing. I knew I got alot of stuff waiting for me back home in Malmö and missing my bus home thanks to the busy morning traffic was not part of the plan. The way I see it I got lucky and had to force myself to take two hours off when I could not work as usual. 

The City of Ember project is on the final stretch so Niklas Asker and I are preparing ourselves for a last week of crunch-time. We are now less then a week away from the deadline! I have already been on this project for half a year (More then that if counting on-off times) and I got used to working like this, so it's going to be strange to stop. But that just means I'm changing my aim and get to work on other amazing things.

In other news: Last week I visited the School of comic art and had a lecture about digital coloring! Great change of pace from my usual schedule! 

Coming up: Winter holidays postcard! I think the digital version will go online sometime next week!

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