The Ethnicity Project!

Ever heard of the wonderful word of crowdfunding? Manymade.org is a new Swedish crowdfunding site, and one of the first projects to start was The Ethnicity project by photographer Jens Lennartsson. I'm happy to have been involved in it, even if it's only for the beginning stage (you can see me in the background of the project-video!). It's a really cool project and you should check it out! It's entering the home stretch and you need to go out and help it rech the goal!

More info from the project-website:

"People born in 175 countries lives in the city of Malmö, Sweden. 175 ethnicities is sharing this one city. Fifty percent of the inhabitants have their roots outside Sweden. I wanted to hear what they have to say about themselves and about their way of living.  For every country that is represented in Malmö I´ll find one person. I will interview them and take their portrait. When we are finished we are able to gather the thoughts and ideas of almost every country in the world in one place. "



So please go support this project, and spread the word! Go!

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