I've had some problems with my internet connection for a few days. I can use internet in school, but I still need my connection at home back, in order to have control over my comics HQ and keep my plans going. Day 2 I got on a support chat on Telias website from school, and the guy in the chat helped me out, but I needed to fix it by myself when I got home. Coming home, I realized my connection was back again, without me having to do anything. Did he realize the problem and fixed it right there, or did it somehow fix itself before I got here?

It's great to be back online, you think you could live without it forever but that's just rubbish.

And by the way, it's snowing like crazy. I know you're always saying that when it snows, but this time it really is crazy. 10 EASY centimetres from nowhere, and blowing like... i dont know.

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