Shiny plastic

Walking home from school today, I found myself repeating the same song over and over in my head. I do that a lot actually, I get focused on one or two particular songs or artists and barley notices anything else, for a few days until I get on the next thing. I guess I just like moving forward and doing the next thing, not a big fan of overdoing it.

So anyway, as I was walking I picked up my iPod and had it shuffle all my songs. I have 1285 songs on that piece of shiny plastic, so what's the possibility of it actually picking up the song I had in my head? Very low I tell you, but it happened. Very neat if the iPod starts to read minds.

I had one of those moments, where the sun shines, the right song plays in your ear, and everything feels great.

And by the way, I just realized one of the bands featuring on Gorillaz new album Plastic Beach is from Gothenburg! My hometown! That's awesome! They are called Little Dragon, I haven't checked them out yet, but will do, at least when Plastic Beach drops in early March.

Bo Ashi

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