The hidden guitar

I found my guitar the other day. I have one of those booklets with like all the chords and stuff you need to know, but I'm still amazed by how much stuff you can actually find on the internet. I never really played guitar, even though i had it for a long time, but after finding myself playing air guitar a lot, I figured I should learn to play it for real. I'm currently searching for chords of my favourite songs on google and trying to get into it in front of the computer.

I was a bit into music when I was growing up. But I kind of lost interest when I realized you had to really practice a lot if you wanted to be any good. I got back to focus on my drawings and told myself I couldn't do both. So my guitar have been hidden in it's case, standing in a corner of my room for five years, doing no good at all.

It’s really nice to have something creative to work with besides drawing, which is more like my “job” these days. I still love it drawing, but it’s good to have a bit of a distraction sometimes.

I'm so looking forward to the day I can play Graham Coxon’s “Sorrow’s Army”. It’s a looong way to go! Such an amazing song though. I never really paid any attention to Graham Coxon's work outside Blur, but I can see now why he wanted to do his own thing! Not only is he an amazing musician, but also an creative and interesting artist and painter. Graham's solo stuff and Portishead's amazing existence is my discovery of the week!

// Bo Ashi

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