This could be big

As I am getting more and more into this project, I get more and more ideas of how big and wide it could be. There are so many possibilities and ways to approach the stories and the history I am working around. My mind starts grabbing outside the "comics box", and thinking of other mediums and artistic views.

I think it would be a mistake to overdo this, without knowing where im going. But if this goes well, and I really can pull this one off, I could use all these ideas and thoughts, and expand the concept for a second attempt.

I guess it's hard to really get what im talking about. Im having ideas for using sound, music, art, text and all kinds of stuff.

Here is a small thumbnail sketch for the cover of my fanzine, set for release in late april. It's getting closer!

I've been off sick with a cold for a few days, it's been a real pain in the ass. felt like my head was filled with snot. But im back now, it's almost gone. My standard cure for any kind of sickness is drinking really, really hot tea with lemon and honey in it, and add taking vitamin C pills and keeping my feets warm. That usually does the trick.

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