Japanese style

This week we had the swedish manga-queen Åsa Ekström as a guest teacher at school. She's The assignment we got from her was to do a comic, japanese style, 20 pages, in three and a half days. But the twist, is that we got to work in groups and divide the work between the members. Our group choose to do it the traditional way, with everyone having one more specific task. I got to handle the "sensei" role, including writing the script and drawing storyboards from scratch.

It's wierd to have someone else draw and ink your own story an sketches.

I'm still amazed we pulled of 20 pages in three days. I'm sure a group like ours could work for real in the japanese comic scene if we sat down and really tried. Maybe i should gather a group of experts in various different areas and start a comic studio focused on drawing comics for japanese magazines! The standard for a weekly mainstream series over there is like 19 pages a week, coming from one artist and a number of assistans. And they are known for never ever having days of or taking any breaks, just working all the time. Some artists are just completly crazy, doing extra artwork, redo some pages for the

I'd love to work for a japanese magazine like Weekly Jump one day. Even if it's just a one shot or something short, it would still be cool being published by the biggest selling comic magazine in the world.

Me and the rest of the Major Malfunction boys are going do Denmark to attend at the Komiks DK convention this weekend. Really looking forward to that.

Im going to get my camera fixed and ready so i can bring it and get some pictures for the blog. The memory stick is broken, and i've been thinking of changing it for years now. Yeah, years. It's always very easy to think of doing something.

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