1 SEK = 0,76 DKK

We visited Denmark this weekend. Me and the other Major malfunction boys (featuring William Ödman) bought a table at Komiks.DK, one of the biggest comic book fairs in Scandinavia. Too bad I didn't... I mean ended up not having time to get a new memorystick for my camera, so no pictures this time either.

I quickly realized, I'm not in Sweden anymore. although it's only about half an hour of a trainride, Copenhagen is so different from Malmö. we couldn't really grasp that we actually could walk in to a Seveneleven and buy beer, or walk in to the local supermarket to get wine and other kinds of alcohol. It felt wrong in our Swede heads.

Fellow comic artist and classmate Laura Andersen made everything a little bit easier and offered a room at her apartment for us and parts of the Think Ink studio (Nathalie Nilsson and Fanny M Bystedt) during the weekend. Really thankful for that!

We tried our best to sell our fanzines, even though Komiks.DK isn't really a place for our kind of "homemade" fanzines, but it was fun! Also met alot of cool people and had a really fun weekend. I got my newly made businesses cards at the convention s well! They look great, I'm really pleased with how they turned out! Tried to hand out a few, but I still have another... 990 cards to get rid of!

Felt great to get back home in Swedish air on Sunday night. So much I just couldn't update the blog until today.

Now, on to the next big thing!

// Ashi

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