You want some more? I don't belive you, do you want some FUCKING MORE?


I got home from a supercozy morning visiting Fanny in Lund today and found two letters. One contained a letter from CSN telleing me I indeed could have some money during the summer for the summercourse at Serieskolan. First time there's no fuzz or anything between me and CSN!

The other one was a letter from Kvarnby folkhöskola, saying I'm attending the second year at Serieskolan, starting this fall! I've been super nervous about this for a while now, so it's SO GREAT to finally get confirmation! I freaked out for a bit, so damn happy, and turned on the computer just to find an email saying I can stay at my apartment at least until December! SUCH a RELIEF!

If anyone thought Bo Ashi was over, you need to think again!

Now, I'm off to see Oskar Linnros at Skivlagret and get my copy of Vilja Bli signed!

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