Guess Where I'm going?

Angouleme! I haven't posted alot lately because Iv'e been super busy finishing stuff before heading to france for the international comics festival in Angouleme! Some of the things I have been doing is updating the website, as you may see. Except the new looks I uploaded my new portfolio via the publishing site issuu, so check that out! Other then that I've spent some time working on my new comics project, getting some stuff ready and kickstarting the project with a bunch of finished pages.

And with all that stuff done I can pack my bags and get on the planeride to France! I'm super excited about the whole thing, but here is some stuff I'll be part of during the show!

- I will be part of an exhibition at the Place Saint Martial during the festival! The theme for the exhibition is Europe and the different aspects of it. My work is about the Euro and will be at the second part of the exhibition.

- C'est Bon Kultur will be part of the Swedish community at the festival sharing a table in the Noveu Monde, or New York Tent! We will be showing of the super-hot new volume of C'est Bon Anthology (17)!

Right, now I'm just have to survive without any kind of French-language skills. 

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